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welcome to womens clothing where the sizes are made up and the measurements don’t matter

friends + dirty jokes.

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Anonymous asked: hello! I see a lot of anti-moffat stuff about how poorly he writes women and all the plot holes he leaves, etc. do you have any links to examples of that? I'm just curious, not trying to say you're wrong or anything. thank you :)

I think there are some things in my anti-Moffat tag. You can scroll through it, I used to reblog a lot of meta. I am sorry I can’t give you more links right now


Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi for LA Times 


every time there’s a rumour about steven moffat leaving doctor who


I am 19 but people assume that I am 14 by the way I look. I even get charged kids bus ticket without even asking for them.

i am rather tall, that’s why people don’t think i’m a little baby. however when i’m with my tiny friends (lol), people think that we all are definitely younger than our age. they don’t even question it

Anonymous asked: two years is not that big of a difference, it;s not like you were mistaken for being half your age

hi anon

first, two years is a great deal for a teenager, two years make all the difference in the world for a teenager

second, i am currently in my third year of university, and i look younger than people who are still in school! idk why, whether it is the fact that i rarely wear make-up, or that my skin looks like i’m still going through puberty

fun story, when i was in the eleventh grade, we declared a day of self-administration, and we were teachers that day. I had classes with the ninth and tenth grades, and all the girls looked older than me. that was weird. and kind of disconcerning

the second day of uni has shows that in addition to forgetting all of spanish i’ve also forgotten all of english