Have I been living with him for too long or did that all just make sense?

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The old girl.


rose tyler appreciation week

day two: favorite episodes 

i have this crisis all the semesters tbh like why am i still here yet if i won’t get a job with my degree pfff

well, me too, but rn it’s like, 100 times worse lol

sometimes i’m really bitter about all the changes that are made in our educational system

i lucked out and my high school finals were passable for almost every one who at least speaks russian and knows how to add, substract, multiply and divide

however, i’m also faced with the results of the changes in the system of higher education (that being bachelor’s and master’s degrees instead of specialist’s degree) which led to all sorts of fucked up things, like messy curriculum and the idea that bachelor’s is not enough to get a good job, hence the need to acquire master’s

companions in red

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Can’t tell if this is DW or not

i was talking about doctor who, but i think it’s a general tendency



barty crouch had to grade tests